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Consultation with Chemical Peel $150

We will go over your skincare needs, the benefits of chemical peels and select peel the solution for your skin. Post Peel Products are included if chemical peel is received. If you are not a candidate for a chemical peel on the day of your consultation, a facial may be performed instead.

Absolutely No Sun Exposure or Tanning 7 Days Before or After Chemical Peels

Written Post Treatment Instructions will be given at appointment.

Due to the heat and increased possibility of adverse reactions, Chemical Peels are not performed in the summer.

"Peel Season" at Destiny Day Spa by Donyea is September-May

Chemical Peel (Face) $135

Includes Post Peel Homecare Kit

Cleanser, Post Peel Balm, Sunscreen, and Vitamin C Serum

Chemical Peels even skin tone and provides exfoliation. Helps with acne, acne scarring and breakouts. Fantastic for discoloration and sun damage.

Chemical Peel (Back) $200

Peel Solution is applied to the back. Includes 2 PostPeel Homecare Kits.

*Please be sure there is someone to assist in applying daily products to back after receiving the chemical peel on the back.

Circadia Alpha Beta Peel

Mild to little tingle, no flaking or peeling. Ideal for combination, congested and oily skin. It is antibacterial and improves the appearance of skin.

Circadia Lactic Acid Peel

Ideal for aging, dry or sensitive skin types. Exfoliating and hydrating.

Circadia Jessner Peel

Great for pigmentation, acne, and sun damage.

Circadia MandeliClear Peel

Developed for skin of color. Brightens pigmentation due to acne, melasma, mild acne scarring and photodamage.

Circadia Vitamin A Accelerator

Mulifunctional treatment booster. Helps with aging, dry skin, fine lines, brightening and post inflammatory pigmentation.

Dermaplaning with Chemical Peel $165

Very aggressive treatment. Advanced exfoliation removes dead skin cells leaving the skin smooth and exfoliated. Chemical peels helps with texture, discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles.

Microdermabrasion with Chemical Peel $160

Microdermabrasion followed by chemical peel. Very aggressive treatment for acne, texture and skin discoloration.

Post Peel Dermaplaning $65

Dermaplaning treatment 2 weeks after receiving a chemical peel. Removes remaining dead skin cells from chemical peel exfoliation. This is not the same treatment as a Facial with Dermaplaning. This treatment is for clients that have had a Chemical Peel at Destiny Day Spa by Donyea

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