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Waxing Services​

Eyebrow Wax $25

Includes hard wax, trimming and tweezing

Evebrow Wax with Tint $40

Lip Wax $10

Sideburns Wax $12

Chin Wax $12

Full Face Wax $70

Includes eyebrows

Under Arm Wax $15

Full Brazilian Wax $70

Hair is removed from pubic area, inner thigh, outer labia & inner backside.

Modified Bikini Wax $55

Hair is removed starting at outside edge of labia to two fingers from bikiniline. Labia and inner buttocks not included.

Basic Bikini Wax $45

Hair removed along panty line and two fingers width.

Full Buttocks $45

Hair is removed from buttock cheeks and strip in between.

Abdomen Wax $40

Hair waxed from abdomen.

Full Arms Wax $60

Hair is removed from the top of shoulders to finger tips.

Half Arm Wax $50

Hair is removed from elbow to wrist.

Full Back Wax $70

Hair is waxed from base of neck to small of back.

Chest Wax $65

Hair is removed from entire chest,

Half Back Wax $35

Hair is waxed from upper or lower back

Full Legs Wax $85

Hair is waxed from top of thigh to toes

Half Legs Wax $45

Hair is waxed above the knee to bikini line or knee to ankle

Brazilian with Vajacial $99

Brazilian wax with skin treatment that includes extractions and

mask. Great for ingrown hairs. Vajacial with Brazilian does not include steam or enzyme.

Vajacial S45

Includes cleansing, exfoliation with steam, enzymes according to

skincare need, extractions and mask. Can be performed 1 week after receiving brazilian wax.

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