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Destiny Day Spa by Donyea

"For He has made everything beautiful in it's time" Ecc. 3:11

What are Enzymes and what can they do for my skin?

Enzymes eat dead skin cells leaving your skin with an amazing glow! Which enzyme is best for your skin type?

Pomegranate- For normal to oily skin with irregular pigmentation. Pomegranate nourishes and hydrates the skin while antioxidants bring the skin to life giving it a healthy, radiant glow. It also helps with lines and wrinkles.

Strawberry Enzyme (Limited Edition) Enzyme-For normal/combination skin. It hydrates and reduces pigmentation discoloration. safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Ginger- (Limited Edition) For normal/combination skin. It refines pores while brightening and exfoliating the skin. It has anti-inflammatory ingredients and is the perfect anti-aging, antioxidant enzyme.

Cherry- For normal/combination skin, sun damaged skin and hyperpigmentation. It exfoliates and brightens the skin with the benefits of cherry. It promotes deep hydration and protects from environmental damage while relieving the surface signs of aging. Arbutin and Kojic provide extreme lightening capabilities. This enzyme produces amazing results!

Lemon Zest-For normal to dry skin with irregular pigmentation. This enzyme is perfect for dry skin as it promotes deep hydration. It has the brightening benefits of lemon and also contains arbutin and kojic as well to help with lightening.

Raspberry Peach-For all skin types. Raspberry contains high levels of antioxidants, soothes skin irritations and reduces inflammation. Peach is a softening emollient that is aromatically relaxing. Hibiscus flower has an impressive moisturizing effect and is a great alternative to AHA (alpha hydroxy acid that is used for exfoliation) This enzyme is great for sensitive skin as well as pregnant & lactating women.

Pumpkin-Orange- For normal/combination resilient skin. Pumpkin dissolves dead skin while orange provides a beautiful glow. This enzyme may cause flaking/peeling.

Blackberry-(Limited Edition) - For normal to combination skin. Contains 5% mandelic and hibiscus flower which a gentle alternative to alpha hydroxy acids. Also has fig and pineapple. Great for acne and discolration.